Assessment at Scotforth St Paul’s Primary School, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Children will be assessed in the Autumn Term using the KLIPs, which are based on the Lancashire assessment tool of “Key Learning Indicators of Performance”

Children are expected to enter the Year at the age appropriate level (Entering.)  Within the three terms, children are expected to reach “Secure” for their age group. An ideal scenario of progression would be:

Autumn: Entering

Spring: Developing

Summer: Secure or in the case of the extremely able and gifted, Secure + level

Not all children may reach Secure at the end of each year. Those children are to be tracked and interventions put in place in order to close the attainment gap. This will be done through pupil progress meetings. If a child reaches Secure in Spring term, the expectations is to widen and broaden the learning experiences in the year and to apply the knowledge learnt.

Children in Y2 and Y6 will also continue to take the statutory end of Key Stage National tests.

Records and Record keeping

On our planning sheets, we evaluate learning and record only those pupils who fail to meet the planned learning objective, or those who achieve more than was planned. This is so that we can take the needs of these pupils into account when planning for the next lesson. We record a child’s progress in reading, writing and phonics using the Lancashire KLIPS (Key Learning Indicators of Performance ) documents. These are updated regularly, as a result of well-planned guided reading sessions, streamed phonics sessions and opportunities for extended writing. In maths, we record pupils’ progress by highlighting the key objectives for the year group and still emphasise the need for speedy mental calculations in addition to the statutory new curriculum content.

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