"One of the things that is special about Scotforth is how considerate and caring the staff are, and the wonderful learning environment they create. I also like the friendships at Scotforth, and how supportive the pupils are. It really makes a difference to know that there are adults in school who you can talk to, and how encouraging they are. I like how the teachers make lessons fun and educational. It could not be more true that at Scotforth, the most important part is the people who help to make it happen."  (Joshua)

"I think our school is great because of all the amazing subjects and the fact that all the teachers who teach them teach with lots of enthusiasm and helpfulness. They will help to the very end of their abilities, which are numerous, as they have had lots of experience, and will keep all of the pupils safe and happy. They teach all sorts of fun activities, such as PE and English, as well as the class reading books. This is why I think Scotforth School is great."  (Ben)

"School is great because all the teachers are very encouraging."  (Edward)

"I think our school is great because we learn, we have fun and it’s a nice place to be in."  (Phoebe)

"This is a great school because we make friends and care for each other and are kind to each other." (Stas)

"I love Scotforth St. Paul's because of the things the teachers teach us, the friends we have and the time we spend outside playing." (Ribu)

"Scotforth School is really good because you don't just do boring stuff - you do really fun stuff like art, music, PE and you also go on trips." (Johnny)

"What I like about our school is that all the teachers are friendly and we all feel we can talk to them about anything. We also have lots of friends who we can trust." (Evie)

"I think Scotforth is great because it's nice and small so you can be friends with everyone." (Eliza)

"A brilliant school with excellent teachers that teach you very well." (Sam)

"No matter what class we are in, we help each other." (Mal)