Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 

The teacher in Year 2 is Mrs Cross.  She teaches everyday apart from a Monday afternoon when Mrs Ventress takes over to cover PPA time.

Mrs Cocker and Mrs Ventress are the fabulous T.A.'s that can sometimes be found in year two.

In Year Two we start to take more responsibility for our own learning and are becoming more independent in everything that we do.

Y2 Autumn curriculum letter

Y2 Autumn curriculum letter
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Y2 Spring curriculum letter

Y2 Spring curriculum letter
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Y2 Summer curriculum letter

Y2 Summer curriculum letter
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How can you help your child?

Read, read, read.............Our homework policy clearly states that all children should read everyday at home with you.  Reading is a fundamental life skill and children learn so much from reading to you.  Reading to your child is also a really beneficial way to help to develop a love of reading.  The children read as much as possible during the school day including individually, in groups and as part of the whole class.  Children are also read to on a regular basis and as often as time permits. 

Maths skills - talk about numbers and maths in as many different contexts as you possibly can, from thinking about who is the tallest in the house to working out how many sweets are left in a bag to noticing numbers all around.  Anything really does help. 

Handwriting practice - in year 2 all children are asked to form their letters including a lead off or a flick.  They will only be asked to join when they can form all of their letters starting and ending in the correct places.  A leaflet detailing how to form each of the letters is sent during the early part of the year but if you require another copy please just ask.

Encourage independence. 


Listed below are some useful websites for Year 2: