7 May

Growing walk

We have been looking for things that grow outdoors. We took photos of each other using the iPad. 

8 Mar

Thank you Year 3

On World Book Day, year 3 came to read to us. We really enjoyed having an older friend to read any book we chose. The children got on so well that we have invited them back.

23 Feb

Dragon dancing

This week we have celebrated Chinese New Year with our friends. As part of the day we  listened to different pieces of music. We chose our favourite and performed a dragon dance to it. We had to go up, down and around like the real dragon dancers.

31 Jan

We are real life superheroes

We have some new visitors this week. We are being real life superheroes and looking after two Guinea pigs. We will help to feed them and check they have water.

29 Jan

The Great British bird count

Today we took part in the national bird count. We saw two pigeons and four crows!

We used our binoculars to look up 8th the trees.

26 Jan

Who built the ark?

This week we have started listening to the stories Jesus would have heard when he was a little boy. We decided to make our own arks and fill them with animals. The story is really good for supporting our counting.

17 Jan

Special visitors

On Monday this week 2 fishes came to visit Nursery. We are going to use our super friend hands to help look after them.

17 Jan


This half term our topic is superheroes. The children have set up a hero small world area and made their own superheroes to have adventures in it. We shall be hearing all about superheroes both in stories and those who help us in real life.

26 Sep

The toe bones connected to the foot bone

After listening to the story of funny bones we had a chat about the skeleton inside us. All children could show me where there was a bone in their body and thanks to the story could find their skull. We will continue to name body parts including wrist, ankle and hips.

22 Sep

Our new unit

We have had a lot of fun in the past two weeks exploring our new unit. We have met new children and tried new activities. Nursery parents are very welcome to stay and play for the first 15 minutes of every day.

22 Sep

Rock kids

The children were very excited to dance to their very own Rock band. We joined in with a song all about keeping trying when things get tricky.