13 Jul

NISCU visit to Year 6

We have all been enjoying the weekly NISCU “disassembles” in our class worship times. Today Year 6 enjoyed an actual, rather than virtual, visit from Debbie and Johnny. They looked at the story of Joseph and the many changes and challenges he faced in his life, before thinking about changes in our…

24 Jun

Day 4 at Bassenfell Manor

Another great day at Bassenfell. We began the morning by thinking about the importance of looking after each other and encouraging those around us. We had lots of opportunities to demonstrate this in today’s activities. Some of us went rock climbing, where we belayed each other and encouraged…

16 Jun

Y6 Orienteering

Year 6 started learning about orienteering today. We began by learning to look closely at a simple plan and work as a team to follow it, as well as travelling as fast as we could - all important skills in orienteering. We will soon be moving on to using these skills to orienteering around our…

15 Jun

Investigating shelters

Year 6 are just beginning a project on shelters in DT. Today we were investigating materials which we think might be suitable for using in our shelter designs. We tested them for strength, durability and how waterproof they are. When we come back from our residential, we will be designing and…

21 May

Steady On, Year 6!

We have combined our newly-acquired Scientific knowledge with our D&T skills, alongside a dash of creativity and produced our very own, fully-functioning steady-hand games this afternoon! We had a fantastic afternoon, showing off and applying all of our new Electrical Circuits learning from the…

14 May

Mayan clay work

To round off our work on the Mayans, Year 6 practised their clay skills, working with sculpting tools as well as learning how to create a coil pot. over two weeks, we made Mayan tiles, steles and pots. 

13 May

Y6 welcome Rev. Claire

Today we welcomed Rev. Claire Cook into school for the first time. She has come to work alongside Rev. Rebecca at St. Paul's. She came in on Ascension Day to talk to us about the Holy Spirit. We looked at how the Holy Spirit came to the disciples at Pentecost and the influence that the Holy Spirit…

15 Mar

World Book Day Fun in Year 6

We had a great week back together celebrating World Book Day.  Here we are in our costumes!  Can you work out which book characters we were dressed as?



10 Nov

Remembrance Day 2020

Year 6 have been working hard throughout the Autumn term when learning about World War 1 In History sessions. To tie into this learning, we have started the new term by focusing on WW1 poetry in Literacy. We have read For the Fallen by Laurence Binyon, and looked carefully at its meaning and how…

3 Oct

Pie Corbett literacy lessons

On Thursday, Year 6 joined in a massive literacy lesson with over 3000 other children! Pie Corbett was the host and taught the lesson. He is a very famous poet and author who has written over 250 books.

We played lots of fun word games and wrote a lot of descriptive sentences and some of us…

17 Sep

Socially distanced playtimes in Year 6

Year 6 have made a great start to their year, and have really been enjoying playing some socially distanced games during playtimes: Simon Says and Splat have proved popular. We even managed to play Shadow Tig this lunchtime as the sun came out to shine.


5 Mar

African Batiks

As part of our Africa topic we have designed and made batiks using images from African animals. First of all we painted melted wax onto cotton squares and then painted on our colour dyes. They look great!