We welcome visitors to the school.  If you are considering Scotforth St Paul's for your child, please ring the School Office on 01524 65379 to arrange a visit with Mrs Aylott, Headteacher. We also hold an Open Day annually in October, to which you would be very welcome. 

As a church school, applications for places in our reception class should be made via Lancashire County Council's website (search 'school admissions'). Pease scroll down this page to see our admission policy and catchment area maps.

For further information regarding the application process, please contact the Pupil Access Unit on 01524 581112 or 01524 581163.

Mission Statement

Scotforth St. Paul’s C.E. Primary School, recognising and wishing to build upon its foundation and historic links as a Church school, aims to be a joyful, worshipping community actively seeking to follow the example and teaching of Jesus by:

  • ensuring every member of the school is valued and cared for as a member of God’s family;
  • providing the best education possible so that all pupils are enabled to reach their full potential in every aspect of life;
  • promoting growth in understanding the Christian faith and its relevance for daily living through acts of worship, the R.E. syllabus, church involvement and by  developing a respect for other religions;
  • seeking to serve the local community in creating and nurturing links between  school, home, church and the wider community.

Our Educational Aims

  • To prepare all our children for success in the 21st Century by inspiring a life-long love of learning.
  • To be aware of Christian ideas and beliefs, and respect those of other faiths or none.
  • To provide a broad, balanced and sequential curriculum giving breadth of experience and variety of study methods, including child initiated learning.
  • To cater for the study needs of every child according to his/her experiences, development and abilities so that they fulfil their full potential, whether able, gifted and talented or needing extra support for learning.
  • To promote the child’s intellectual and emotional well-being, by providing warm secure relationships with the class teacher and other adults in the school.
  • To accept that all pupils are entitled to equal regard, just as they are entitled to equality of opportunity in learning.
  • To promote the involvement of pupils’ families in supporting the school objectives and the pupils’ learning.
  • To develop a caring community where children and adults learn respect and care for each other, instilling in them a strong understanding of British values.
  • To emphasise the positive achievements of pupils as individuals, and with others, both in school and in their outside activities.
  • To work with pupils and families to build life- skills such as resilience, perseverance, independence,  responsibility and emotional intellligence.
  • To raise the children’s awareness of the need to conserve and protect the environment, to value diversity and promote global awareness.


Please use the above link to see if your house is within the Scotforth Ecclesiastical Parish.