Class teacher:

Mrs Atkinson

PPA and Management cover provided by : Mrs Todd-Bryce 

In class support: Mrs Todd Bryce

Welcome to our new EYFS unit. We would love to show you around. We have spaces for up to 26 full time nursery aged children.

The Nursery is open for 38 weeks of the year and with wrap around care provided by Scotforth ASC we provide care from 7:45am-6:00pm for up to 46 weeks of the year. Please have a look at our 2023-24 brochure. I am happy to answer any questions. You could ring school on 01524 65379 or email me on 

Use the drop down menu on the left hand side to find the Nursery blog. It contains pictures and information about what has been going on this year.

In each of the sections below, you will find information about what we are learning each term. Please note that updates will be added as each new term begins. We have left some of last year's information on at the moment to give you a flavour of what might be ahead.

EYFS Curriculum Overview

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Autumn term in Nursery

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Spring 1 Overview Nursery

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YN Spring curriculum letter

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YN Summer curriculum letter

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Summer 1 Overview

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Nursery Application forms

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