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24 January 2022

Heroes & Villains.. Our Dance Unit!

In dance this term, we have been thinking about what it is that makes someone a hero- both fictional heroes and those in real life. During our warm ups, we have been striking superhero poses, responding to the music as we move and thinking of new and creative ways of making contact and moving bet...

24 January 2022

Lancaster Fire & Rescue Service- Safety Talk

Year 6 were very lucky to meet Kenny, who came by to see us this afternoon to teach us about keeping ourselves safe, especially with our transition to Secondary School in mind. We recapped fire safety from previous years and looked at various aspects of Road Safety, including for pedestrians, cyc...

21 January 2022

Morse Code

Today in Computing we have been sending messages using Morse code. We wrote messages to a friend before using light from a torch to send messages. At the end of the lesson we tried using Morse Code Keyer online. It was really tricky.

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