Caring for our families

We all need a little help from time to time and school can either provide the support families need or find other agencies that can provide the right support.
If you need help financially, please contact us confidentially - there are agencies we can contact in order to help in the short and long term.
If you think your child may be entitled to free school meals, please apply via the following link. As well as providing your child with a free dinner throughout their time at our school and during the holidays, the possibility of free childcare during the holidays and support with visits and trips (if needed and requested) this brings more money into school and means that we can use this to provide more support and opportunities for all children. Free School Meals Information

If you are concerned about your child in school, the first person to speak to is their class teacher. This could be about their learning or about anything else impacting them negatively. A change at home can really affect children's mood, behaviour, communication and ability to learn. We provide support without judgement, so please contact us if there is anything we need to know.

Our SENDCO and Learning Mentor work with families to provide support for learning, behaviour, social, communication, sensory and emotional needs. We aim to provide as much support as possible through 1:1 and group work and have provided a range of interventions which have impacted children positively. Please see further information on our SEND page - 
There are other agencies that provide help for families. Some support groups can be accessed directly by family members and others need a referral from school. In some cases, paperwork will need to be completed with evidence for the need for extra support. This is done in conjunction with parents. 

Some support can be accessed directly from excellent websites -

If you would like advice about how to improve your child's sleep, please see the flyer below

Help with sleep issues

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We work closely with the local Children and Family Wellbeing Service - Lancaster Children and Family Wellbeing Website There are lots of support networks available via this group.

We also work closely with the school nurse team. They can offer a wide range of support for families.

Family support

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We regularly invite the NSPCC into school to make sure the children know how to access confidential advice if they are feeling worried or unsafe. Their Childline website can be accessed here: