Assessment at Scotforth St Paul’s Primary School, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Teachers are continually checking children's understanding during lessons and use these observations to support their learning. This is usually referred to as "assessment for learning". In most foundation subjects, children's knowledge of a topic is assessed at the beginning of a unit of work and then again at the end, to check how much they have learnt. More formal assessment of children's learning in English and maths takes place at the end of each term (ie three times a year), using standardised tests specific to each year group.

Children are expected to enter the Year at the age appropriate level (Entering.)  Within the three terms, children are expected to reach “Secure” for their age group. An ideal scenario of progression would be:

Autumn: Entering

Spring: Developing

Summer: Secure or in the case of the extremely able and gifted, Secure + level

Not all children may reach Secure at the end of each year. Those children are to be tracked and interventions put in place in order to close the attainment gap. This will be done through pupil progress meetings. If a child reaches Secure in Spring term, the expectations is to widen and broaden the learning experiences in the year and to apply the knowledge learnt.

Children in Y2 and Y6 will also continue to take the statutory end of Key Stage National tests.

Reporting to parents

At the end of each half term we send out a half-termly progress review sheet to parents. This gives an overview of a child's effort and progress in reading, writing and maths, alongside an indication of their attitude to learning and their behaviour. These are based on teacher assessment (supported by the outcomes of standardised tests at the end of each full term). Parents also have the opportunity to discuss their child's progress at the end of term parents' consultation meetings which are held in December and March/April. Following the issuing of end of year reports, parents have an opportunity to meet with their child's class teacher and their next teacher at the end of the summer term.

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