We take child protection and safeguarding very seriously. Please see our policy and useful links.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedures

Each February, we hold a special Safer Internet Day. Whilst we always take care when using IT in school, and safe use of the internet is integral to our teaching of computing, each class has an extra special day learning about keeping themselves safe when using computers and the internet.  We have good links with the police and the NSPCC, who regularly support us in promoting safe use of the internet with the children and with parents. The links below contain both information for parents regarding e-safety, and access to activities for children to learn more about E-safety.




We have "Digital Champions" in school. They are specially trained Y5 pupils who help their peers understand about keeping safe on line.

Anyone can use this button to anonymously report an online safety issue.

Red Example Button


Link to CEOP


You can also read this useful E-safety guide from www.whoishostingthis.com.

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