Following the introduction of the new National Curriculum in September 2014, we have worked hard to continue to create a vibrant ad relevant curriculum for all our children here at Scotforth. It is broad, balanced and reflects our ethos and local area.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is used for children in Nursery and Reception. There is a strong emphasis on the three "Prime Areas" : Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Learning in the "Specific" areas of literacy, mathematics, understanding of the world and expressive arts and design build upon learning in the prime areas.

Years 1 to 6 follow the  National Curriculum. To see full details of the new National Curriculum 2014, follow the link here to the Department of Education's website.


At Scotforth, children read using phonetically decodable books. They are introduced to the "tricky" words that cannot be sounded out from reception. Children take home a reading book that they can decode each week and from January 2021 all children from Nursery to Y3 will take home a folder containing a book for parents to read with their child. This could be a picture book or a short chapter book. This means that in the early stages of reading children will also be exposed to new vocabulary and styles of writing.

In Reception, children first receive weekly games that are linked to the sounds they are learning in class. When they can blend 2 and 3 letter words using the sounds s/a/t/p/i/n they will bring home simple decodable books matched to their phonic level. The books are in numbered boxes that relate to the sounds taught in class. Children will be encouraged to put them away in the correct box and choose a new one. Children will progress through the decodable books and those who need them in Y3/4 will take them home alongside their short chapter book for parents to read to them. Class teachers decide when a child is ready for books containing the next set of sounds. Children should be reading at around 90-95% fluency in each book without support before moving on. Children also need to be able to answer questions about what they have read.

We also have decodable books from other schemes. We have tried to match these books to the order that sounds are taught in Jolly Phonics.

In class children have a class reader that the teacher reads to them. in some classes the children have an individual copy to follow along. Children also have guided reading lessons where in KS1 children read a copy of the same book in a small group and in KS2 all of the children have a copy of the book. These sessions teach inference and deduction skills alongside comprehension. Children need to be taught to retain information about what they have read so that they can answer questions such as "Why is the character feeling sad?" "How do you know ?


In phonics, which we teach daily in EYFS/KS1,  children follow the "Jolly Phonics" scheme.

Enriching Our Curriculum

At Scotforth we offer many opportunities for hands-on learning as we know children really benefit from direct experience. We bring learning alive in many ways including visitors to school, trips out, role play days and special events.  (Please see our special events section on this website.) Some examples from just the last few months include:

June: Y6 Magistrates Day, Y6 Citizenship Week, KS1 and KS2 sports days, non uniform day, Y4/5 cricket competition @ Trimpell Club

July: Rounders rally, FOSSY fair, Y5/6 puberty talk, Y4 French day, string  assembly, Choir took part in “Charlie the ‘Cello” workshop and concert,  Y5 Greek day, Y6 performances of Macbeth, Y5 2Pupil Power Day “ at

Lancaster Town Hall, Y6 Heart-start training, moving on evening for all pupils.

September: ”Sportz for all “ Club., Knitting club, Digital Champion Training starts, “Treasure Island” perfomed for whole school, Y6 visited local food bank, Fig– Tree workshop on anti-slavery.

October: Harvest Festival, Open day ( Y6 did a wonderful job as guides and received many compliments),  parents’ evening and afternoon.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We run a range of extra-curricular activites, which change regularly. Please see the separate Extra-curricular Activities tab for details. There are also opportunities for children from Y2 upwards to learn to play a musical instrument through visiting tutors from Lancashire Music Service. Currently lessons on offer include: violin, 'cello, guitar, keyboard, flute and clarinet.

As these opportunities show, we make learning fun and relevant to life in 21st century Britain, and that, combined with staff who go the extra mile, are two reasons our standards are so high.

Our proposed SRE Curriculum

This is our SRE Curriculum. We started with the Summer term content in April 2016. After consulation with parents, staff and governors the complete curriculum commenced in September 2016.  Parents will be able to withdraw children from lessons but only after a discussion of their reasons with the head or deputy/assistant head. All children are starting with the areas of rules and rule making. The older children will also look at items in the news using "Newsround" programmes as discussion starters.

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