Classification Keys

We have been using classification keys to identify living things. We completed them both in groups and individually.

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Classifying animals

We have been looking at different ways to group animals and have sorted them using Venn diagrams. We discussed lots of different ways to classify them.

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Pentominoes Challenge

We have had fun completing the ‘Pentominoes Challenge’. First, we had to make 12 shapes using 5 squares. When we had created the 12 shapes, we then put them on a grid with no gaps or overlapping shapes.

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Egyptian Day

Year 4 had a super Egyptian day. The children had the chance to dress up and the costumes were fabulous. During the day, we made Egyptian bread, played games, completed a quiz and made pyramids. We also wrote our names in hieroglyphics and completed some Egyptian…

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Researching a country in Europe

We each chose a country in Europe to research. We had to find out lots of facts about that country, such as the size, the population and the language. We also found out what foods were eaten there and if any famous people were born in that country. We also made the flag too.

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Using atlases

We have been using the atlases to locate the countries in Europe and their capital cities. 

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Europe information hunt

In our geography lessons, we have been learning about Europe. We had to find the answers to questions about Europe that were placed around our playground. We had lots of fun finding the answers and keeping fit. 

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Pop up mechanisms- DT

InDT, Year 4 have been practising making pop up mechanisms using paper and card. This is in preparation for making a moving Christmas picture. We’ll show you some photos when they are finished.

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Your favourite SPaG game is back Year 3!

Are you ready to play the game?

You need to think of:

3 adverbs beginning with n;

3 verbs beginning with e;


3 adjectives beginning with c.

Need a reminder of what these types of words are? Click here

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Bonjour Year 3!

How many questions can you come up with that have the answer 25? Try to make your questions different using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Can you use more than one in the same question?

À bientôt


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Y3 Ballroom dancing rehearsals

Year 3 have been busy rehearsing their ballroom dancing routines, ready for their performance at Blackpool Tower Ballroom next Monday evening. They have been learning the jive and the waltz with coach Amy.

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This afternoon, we began our Rainforests topic and to begin, we had to find out the meanings of these words. We had to use dictionaries and some detective skills to match these words to their meanings. Do you know the meaning of any of these words? Check the photo gallery below to see if you are…

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