12 Mar

Learning about the Eucharist with Rev. Rebecca

Year 6 have been learning about the story of the Passover in the Old Testament and why it is such an important festival in the Jewish Faith. This week, they visited church, where Rev. Rebecca explained what happens in the Eucharist and how this is closely related to the events of the Passover.…

12 Mar

Our finished shelters

This week we have finally finisged our shelters in DT. The brief was to create strong shelters to suit playmobile people, which were waterproof and well insulated. Following the testing of a number of materials, and investigating how to create strong structures, we decided on the materials and…

12 Mar

Mayans visit

On Friday afternoon. "Professor Tuesday" came to visit Y6 to tell us all about the Mayan civilisation of Central America. This included making a human timeline and handling lots of artefacts.

8 Mar

Cricket in the Spring sunshine

Year 6 enjoyed their first session of cricket with coach Steve Pemberton of the Lancashire Cricket Foundation. We learnt the jobs of the wicket keeper and bowler first, followed by batter and fielders. We practised playing in all these positions during the session. We look forward to developing…

7 Mar

Cancer Research DNA event

Year 6 enjoyed a day at Lancaster University on Thursday, finding out about the work of Cancer Research North West. First we had a practical session in the laboratory with one of the university's researchers, Tom, who explained what DNA is before showing us how to extract the DNA from fruit. We…

3 Mar

Year 6 World Book Day

On Tuesday 3rd March, we celebrated World Book Day.  Can you work out which book characters we came as? We started the day with an assembly and then designed our own book feet for a whole school display. We began to decorate our classroom door as the cover of the book we have started reading, The…

26 Feb

Forces in Water

We have been investigating upthrust in water by adding coins into boats of different shapes.  We also looked at how boats with different shapes moved through water. 

12 Feb

Making frames in DT

We have been investigating different types of shelters and materials. Linked to our topic about explorers and Shackelton's Antarctic expedition, we have planned our own shelters that would be suitable for cold, windy conditions. Today we practised making secure frames out of wood. We measured…

3 Feb

PE / PSHE Sessions with Coach Dan

Over this half-term we have been learning about qualities that make us effective sports people and how these can help us in our wider lives. We have looked at confidence, perseverance, resilience, team work and encouragement. In every session we have discussed different qualities and then…

22 Jan

Re-enacting the Seder Meal

In RE we have been learning about the Jewish Passover, which celebrates the freedom of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Today we recapped the story and re-enacted the traditional Seder meal. We learnt about the significance and symbolism of the different food items that are…

19 Dec

Shackleton Paintings (with perspective!)

We have been studying the exciting story of the adventurer Shackleton. In art we have also been looking at creating perspective in a picture through use of colour as well as the size of objects. We painted these pictures based on Shackleton's journey across South Georgia and added a family motto…

18 Dec

Christmas Fun -Year 6

Today we had our annual Christmas party.  Great fun was had by all as we played many Christmassy games including the Chocolate Game, the Nativity Dash and, of course, Johnny Smartie!