2 Feb

Year 3 Magnetic materials

We have been investigating which materials are magnetic and which materials are non-magnetic. 
We found out that materials that are magnetic are made from metal BUT not all metals are magnetic. 

17 Jan

Ancient Egypt visits Year 3!

What a morning of fun and learning we have had today with Professor Tuesday! We learnt all about the importance of the River Nile, the different kingdoms of Ancient Egypt, the different roles and jobs people had, how mummies were made and finally the importance of artefacts in history. Wow! Have a…

14 Dec

Year 3 and 4 Christmas Party

Today was the Year 3&4 Christmas party and we had a great time. We played some old favourites like musical statues and pass the parcel.  We also played some new games like Hoops. “You can’t eat Johnny Smartie” was a favourite again!


7 Dec

Christmas Dodgeball Party Y3

Today Coach Wilcock came in for our Dodgeball Christmas Party.  We played Christmas Tree Dodgeball, Hide the Present, Christmas Bauble and Santa’s Elves.  We listened to Christmas music as we played! We had lots of fun and learned how to play with good tactics and team…

5 Dec

Making arrays to show multiplication Y3

In maths we are learning about multiplication and today we used objects in the classroom to make arrays (rectangular diagrams) to show multiplication. We wrote down the linked multiplication facts on our whiteboards. We were very creative with the objects we found!


24 Nov

Edible rocks!

This afternoon Mrs Dowson has been teaching the children about different types of rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous.  They used edible items to make the different types of rocks and  then drew real examples of each type.  They had lots of fun learning some quite tricky concepts and…

24 Nov

Pied Piper of Hamelin (by Robert Browning)

We have been reading the story and the poem of The Pied Piper of Hamelin.  Last week we learnt some of the first verse off by heart.  We hope you enjoy it!


23 Nov

Exploring packaging in D.T.

Today we started investigating different types of packaging for our new D.T. topic. We opened up lots of cardboard boxes to see how they were made. It was amazing that usually it was only one piece of cardboard used to make an entire box.  We then drew the different nets and looked at the…

21 Nov

Making healthy sandwiches in Y3

After weeks of investigating, tasting, planning and practising our cooking skills, the time had finally come where we could make our own sandwiches! We used our plans and prepared the food, using spreading, chopping, cutting and grating. We chose from different food groups and tried some new…

21 Nov

Rat Attack in Year 3 (Hamelin!)

In Year 3 we are reading the traditional story “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”.  Today we were attacked by imaginary plagues of rats! We pretended to be the townsfolk going about their business until the rats appeared… You can see our horrified reactions.


16 Nov

Ready, steady, cook!

Next week we are making our healthy sandwiches so this week we have been practising different food skills. We learnt how to chop using the bridge hold and a fork hold. We also practising peeling and grating and spreading. We enjoyed spreading the most as we were able to eat the bread once we had…

8 Nov

Y3 Super Speedy Maths

Y3 are working very hard towards their Super Speedy Maths target this week.  They are practising recall of all single digit number addition and subtraction facts.  The aim is to know these facts by heart.