12 Jul

Activity 1 - locate the feature

Our first activity was to locate various features around the park.  Each time we found one we had to then work out where exactly this place was on the map.  It was great fun and even the damp weather didn’t put us off.

12 Jul

Leaving the splash park

Sadly it was all over and we had to leave the park.  We were a bit soggy but great fun was had by all!

30 Jun

Compare bulb and seed growth

In Science we have been learning a lot about plants and what they need in order to grow well.  A few weeks ago we all planted a seed or a bulb so we could compare which grew the best.  We discovered that the seeds tended to germinate the fastest but then the bulbs caught up and ended up…

16 Jun


Today we learnt a very technical term in Science - germination.  Here are our beans in bags with very wet paper towels.  Fingers crossed they will germinate successfully so we can see how roots and shoots appear in real life.

15 Jun

Crown Green Bowling

In P.E. we have been practising our rolling skills at Palatine Bowling Green.  Coach Dan showed us the correct technique to use and also explained how the bowls have a weighted side to make the bowls turn.  It was trickier than it looked to land on the target but we had a great time…

14 Jun

Great Fire of London Art

Just look at the fabulous artwork that we have created inspired by the Great Fire of London.  We worked hard over several weeks to slowly build up these dioramas.

14 Jun

A few more Great Fire of London dioramas

Lots of time and effort went in to create this fabulous artwork.  Well done Year 2!

18 May

Changing the shape of materials

Year two had fun in science today - squashing, bending, twisting and stretching different materials.

18 May

Year 2 Church visit

Year 2 visited St Paul’s Church. Rev Rebecca showed us around and told us about the different things within the church.

12 May

More P.E. fun in the sun today

Another great activity to practise our overarm throwing and running skills.

12 May


Here we are practising our throwing and running skills.  The challenge was to investigate which was fastest, running across the playground and back or getting all three bean bags into a hoop.

9 May

Equal Groups

A very important first step towards understanding fractions.