How's that Habitat?

In Science, we have been learning about plant and animal adaptations so they are better suited to live in their habitats. To start off, we matched and then learned as many facts as possible about a selection of habitats: grasslands, ocean, polar regions, arid deserts and rainforests. We worked in…

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Year 6 Science Links

Arctic Adaptations:

THE ARCTIC - wildlife, plants, people, Canada's northern communities (

adaptations of arctic plants - Bing images

adaptations of arctic animals - Bing images

Plant Adaptations For Kids - Plants Adaptations in Different Habitats…

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Tête, Épaules, Genoux et Pieds!

Bonjour, c'est la Sixienne Classe!


Do you like our French version of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes? We've been all about the different body parts in our French lessons so what better song to choose than this?!

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Printing Progression

We have moved onto the final layers of our prints! Before this lesson, we had designed our prints, created a simple print of the outline in one colour, and pushed down patterns and sections of our tiles for the second. By designing and pushing down our backgrounds on the polytiles, we are adding…

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Come with us an a Pilgrimage!

In Year 6, we have been working in small groups when researching a pilgrimage from one of the key faiths: Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. They have worked hard to gather information and record their findings in an attractive and informative poster before presenting them to the…

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No Greengrocer's Apostrophes Allowed Here!

In English we have started a new unit all about the British polar explorer, Ernest Shackleton! One of the books we are using within the unit is William Grill's "Shackleton's Journey". With a title like that, it would be daft not to recap apostrophes for possession and omission and work hard to…

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We're all connected... iNetwork!

In Year 6, we have started our new Computing unit: iNetwork! In the first session, we learned how the term 'networked' means connected and thought of examples of networks from everyday life. We thought of electricity networks, the London Underground tube station, and devices connected to servers…

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Step Up (& Back in Time)!

This morning, Year 6 had an absolute blast (to the past!) during their 'Turns & Tunes' session with Mikey and Jenny!

We learned a traditional country dance and a range of step dances which are all part of our Lancashire heritage. We enjoyed listened to Mikey play the fiddle and watching Jenny…

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Year 6 are so lucky to be working with our fabulous visitor to Scotforth, Naomi, every Thursday for the term! Naomi is an experienced Secondary School Art Teacher and was generous enough to offer to come into school to work with the children whilst they are doing their new art unit:…

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Tinfoil, Towers and Teamwork!

In Bounce Forward today, Year 6 learned all about how to work well as part of a team in order to solve problems. We considered what was important for when working alongside other people and realised that collaboration, compromise and a positive growth mindset were all vital in order for the team…

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Remembrance Pointillism (Part 1)

After learning about Georges Seurat and his unique style of painting (Pointillism), we designed and starting painting our own pictures using techniques inspired by Seurat.

We decided that optical mixing was more effective on larger canvases with smaller dots of paint, as Seurat did, however, as…

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Optical Mixing

Year 6 have been learning about the French, 19th Century artist, Georges Seurat and his neo-impressionist movement: Pointillism
When we found out how Seurat used tiny individual dots of paint to create his stunning paintings, we were impressed, yet when we learned how he only used the three…

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