A sneak preview !!!

This week we have started to make our pieces for the art exhibition. Our chosen commonwealth country is Nigeria. Today we made jewellery using the colours of the Nigerian flag. You are welcome to come into school on the 9th of June to see art work from across the school and celebrate the platinum…

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A little lamb visited nursery today!

As part of our growing topic this half term, we were lucky enough to have another animal visit us in nursery today! 
We used our gentle hands again and stroked him. We found out that his fleece was furry and soft, his legs were long and he drinks milk still. We even took turns to feed him his…

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What else comes out of eggs ?

During a discussion about things that come out of eggs we had lots of interesting answers. Children remembered that spiders, chocolate, turtles and dinosaurs come out of eggs. We asked Mrs Dowson could we borrow her to use. Lola didn’t lay any eggs, but she did walk all over her raspberries!

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Hearing stories

Mrs Todd Bryce told us the story of the “Very Hungry Caterpillar”

we used the knitted props that the soroptomists brought us. We talked about our favourite foods and what happens when you eat too much.

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Welcome back everyone!

We have enjoyed our first week back at Nursery. We have a tent that we can be quiet in along with Mary, Mary’s garden. It was lovely to welcome our new children and families who started this week.

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Mary, Mary, quite contrary

As part of our topic about growing, we have learnt a new nursery rhyme. We looked at some real cockle shells and laid our flowers and shells in a row like Mary did. We found out that pretty maids and silver bells are flowers. Later on this term we will be planting our own seeds and watering them.

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We had a visitor in Nursery today to help us learn about life cycles. Mrs Atkinson brought Shirley the hen who was so pleased to meet us she laid an egg. We hope she will sit on it so that we can meet her baby chick. We ordered the life cycle of a hen and found out that boy hens called “cockerels”…

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Egg rolling in the sunshine

On Friday we rolled our painted eggs down the slopes at school. Everyone’s egg made it to the bottom where we exchanged it for a treat.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely mums. Our cards were made using the skills of snipping around a circle and tearing paper to make the petals. We hope you’ve all had a fun day.

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Nursery trip to Wildlife Oasis

We had a fantastic visit to the Wildlife Oasis in Milnthorpe today !
We had a look around the mini beasts area and looked closely at the stick insects, ants and cockroaches. Some of us felt brave enough to gently stroke the lizard and the python! 

We played in the sand next to the meerkats…

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The start of Lent

What better way to start lent than with a pancake.new had a look in the shopping bag to see what ingredients we will need. We talked about where each came from and already knew that eggs came from hens and milk from cows. We were a bit unsure about where flour came from. We sang our rhyme, “Mix a…

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The lost sheep.

We have been looking everywhere for those pesky lost sheep. We listened to the story Jesus told and then went to find all of the sheep hiding around Nursery. Come in at the end of the day and see how many you and your child can spot.

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