Shadow size investigation

Today in Year 3, we have been investigating what happens to a shadow when the light source moves further away.

The children worked in small groups using torches to cast shadows and rulers to measure the heights of the shadows.

We found out that when the light moves further away the shadow…

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DT making moving monsters

Today in Year 3, we have begun making our moving monster toys.

We will be using pneumatic systems to make our monsters move.

Come back soon to see our finished monsters.


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Year 3 light source search

This afternoon, Year 3 were searching for light sources around school. We looked in our classroom, the creative room, the hall and the computer suite. We found out the computer suite had the most light sources despite it being the smallest room we searched. We made tallies of the light sources and…

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Children in Need yoga session

This afternoon, Year 3 were practicing their yoga poses to stretch their bodies and relax their minds. Can you spot the cat pose, kite pose and bee pose? 

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Golden Pencil Award

Year Two have been working very hard to improve their letter formation in class.  Here we have our first winners of the Golden Pencil Award!  Huge to congratulations to all five of you (including the child not pictured), you are now ready to start joining your letters.


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Our Finished Hand Puppets

Look at our fabulous finished puppets!!!

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A visit from the Longs

In class over the last couple of weeks we have been learning about shape and today we were very lucky to be joined by Elijah's parents.  They came into school with a big box of polydrons so we could learn more about 2D and 3D shapes.  They taught us some very complicated shape names like a…

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Making Hand Puppets

After exploring lots of other types of puppets, we decided to design and make our own hand puppets.  Take a look at our pictures to see all the things we had to do throughout the designing and making process.  Mrs Cross was really impressed with our skills and I'm sure you will all…

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Investigating Exercise in Science

In Science this week we were learning about the importance of looking after our bodies.  We all know that we should exercise to keep fit and strong so today the children were investigating the impact of intense activity on our bodies.  Can you see which exercises the children were  doing?  They…

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World Book Week Parent Visit

A very big thank you to all the parents who found the time to come into school to read with us.  We really enjoyed it!!

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Year 4 came to read with us on World Book Day

On World Book Day the children joined classes so they could read together.  We shared our books with children from Year 4.

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Dressing up for World Book Day

Look at our fabulous costumes for World Book Day!!

Do you know who we all are?

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