9 Feb

The Digestive System in Action

Today in Science we looked at the digestive system of a Human. Some of us had lots of fun. Some of us were horrified. Take a look at our faces. 

2 Feb

The Great Scotforth Bread Bake Off

Mrs Walsh came to judge our bread. She chose 3 winners. 
Chloe made a cat, Danny made a hedgehog and Sophie made a tortoise. 
Well done to our winners. 

2 Feb

Making our own bread

We used our plans to mix, knead, shape, bake and decorate our own bread. We worked sensibly and safely and our finished products were very impressive. 

22 Jan

Y5 Circuit Training

In P.E. this half term we are working on improving our fitness.  Here we are completing seven different activities in our circuit training session.

18 Jan

Year 5 learn a basic bread recipe

Today in our DT lesson we found out which ingredients were needed to make white bread. Working in a small group we followed a recipe. Each person in the group had their own piece of dough to knead and shape. Our bread was baked this afternoon then we got to take it home to eat. 
Next lesson we…

12 Jan

Year 5 evaluate existing bread products

Today in Year 5 we looked at different kinds of bread and compared them. This was lesson 1 in our new DT topic. We used our sense of sight, touch, smell and best of all TASTE!! The evaluation of existing products is step one of the design process. Next week we will move on to look at baking basic…

16 Oct

NISCU visit

A very big thank you to Debbie Green for coming in to school this afternoon to help us with our learning about the Bible.  Never before have we ever seen such a large bible!

12 Oct

Dissection of a flower

Today in Year 5 we dissected flowers to find all the main reproductive parts. We knew the names of the parts but bringing the outside in helped us to learn where each part was and its function in pollination and fertilisation. We had remembered a lot from our lessons in Year 3 where Mrs Dowson…

3 Oct

Nigeria fact finding

We played a game this afternoon to help us to learn more about the African country, Nigeria.  

28 Sep

Year 5 Investigate Seed Germination

We already know what a plant needs to grow and stay healthy from our Year 3 lessons. So we are investigating whether a seed needs the same conditions to germinate. In groups we have set up our own experiment and we are sharing our results with the rest of the class. Looking at our seeds after one…

4 Sep

Building resilience

This afternoon we talked a lot about having the right mindset in order to tackle the challenges that lay ahead.  We learnt about several famous people who have had to show great resilience in order to succeed and then tested our own patience, perseverance and resilience with a football, basketball…

14 Jul

Which of our words have originated from ancient Greece?

We have been looking at how ancient Greece has influenced our world today. Did you know that lots of words we use today have been around for thousands of years? Words such as ‘agonia’, ‘kosmos’, ‘hypnos’, ‘phobos’ and many more came from ancient Greece. Can you work out which words they are…