14 Jun

Year 5&6 Peter and the Wolf trip

Today Year 5&6 went to the Lancaster Town Hall to watch a performance of Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev. It told the story of a boy called Peter and his encounter with a wolf.  Each of the characters had different instruments representing them. The flutes were birds, the oboe was a duck and the…

5 Jun

Investigating the movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon

Today we went outside to work in small groups. We took turns to be the Sun, Earth or Moon and orbited and spun to show how the 3 spherical bodies work together. This was a great introduction to our new science topic, even if it did leave us feeling a little dizzy. 

23 May

How do string telephones work?

Today in Year 5 we have been finding out how a string telephone works. We tried different lengths of string and tried leaving the string loose and pulling it taut. 
Outside we tried 4 and 6 way conversations with our friends.

26 Mar

Viking Longships

We explored the different features of a Viking longship before creating our own using paper and straws.

26 Mar

Anglo Saxon Protection

We finished the morning learning how the Anglo Saxons used spears to protect themselves.

26 Mar

Viking Fun

Could you decipher Viking runes like these children?

19 Mar


A very big thank you to Mr Weston and Mr Brown for joining us in R.E. today.  They came to talk to us about how Christians believe that Easter is a celebration of Victory.  They even attempted to create new life.  They were of course unsuccessful but it was a great way to reinforce that only God…

12 Mar

Viking Research and Presentation

In History, Y5 have now moved on to learn about the Vikings.  Our challenge this week was to work in teams to research one particular aspect of Viking life and then present everything we had learnt to the rest of the class.  Here we are sharing our posters.

9 Feb

The Digestive System in Action

Today in Science we looked at the digestive system of a Human. Some of us had lots of fun. Some of us were horrified. Take a look at our faces. 

2 Feb

The Great Scotforth Bread Bake Off

Mrs Walsh came to judge our bread. She chose 3 winners. 
Chloe made a cat, Danny made a hedgehog and Sophie made a tortoise. 
Well done to our winners. 

2 Feb

Making our own bread

We used our plans to mix, knead, shape, bake and decorate our own bread. We worked sensibly and safely and our finished products were very impressive. 

22 Jan

Y5 Circuit Training

In P.E. this half term we are working on improving our fitness.  Here we are completing seven different activities in our circuit training session.