4 Sep

Building resilience

This afternoon we talked a lot about having the right mindset in order to tackle the challenges that lay ahead.  We learnt about several famous people who have had to show great resilience in order to succeed and then tested our own patience, perseverance and resilience with a football, basketball…

14 Jul

Which of our words have originated from ancient Greece?

We have been looking at how ancient Greece has influenced our world today. Did you know that lots of words we use today have been around for thousands of years? Words such as ‘agonia’, ‘kosmos’, ‘hypnos’, ‘phobos’ and many more came from ancient Greece. Can you work out which words they are…

14 Jul

Y4 Cheerleading Taster Session

Today, we had a cheerleading taster session. We learnt some of the moves and even attempted some balances.

10 Jul

Year 4 French Day

Last week, Year 4 took part in French Day. They dressed up and started the day with a catwalk. During the day, they played croquet and boules, completed a French quiz and made up a board game. Mid morning the children tasted a selection of French food including croissants, pain au chocolat,…

30 Jun

Y4 Wheelchair Basketball

What a fun morning we had playing wheelchair basketball. 

29 Jun

The River Lune - from source to sea in just one day!

Year 4 learned all about rivers last term, but today they had the chance to take a journey down the River Lune, from its source at Newbiggin-on-Lune in Cumbria all the way down to the estuary beyond Glasson Dock. We started off at St. Helen's Well - the source of the Lune - just outside the…

19 Jun

Year 4 Sculptors

Year 4 have been sculptors making tiles out of air drying clay. First, they designed their tile in the style of the artists Karla Gerard or Hundertwasser. Next, they rolled the clay using wooden guides. Then they either carved detail into the tile or added extra clay shapes. When adding clay, they…

14 Jun

Investigating micro-habitats

In science we are learning about living things and their habitats. Last week we learnt about the characteristics of all living organisms by meeting ‘MRS GREN’ (Movement, Respiration, Sensing, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition). We also made our own sorting diagrams using categories…

13 Jun

Year 4 English

Year 4 children were practising their play script Atishoo in the shade. It was so hot in the classroom so we tried to find a little bit of breeze! After learning about the features of a play script and comparing these to a novel the children started rehearsing. The first scene involves two…

9 Jun

Learning about polygons

In maths, we have been learning about the properties of a polygon and then sorting them further into regular and irregular polygons. We have worked practically making polygons using up to 10 matchsticks. We were then set a task of using only 6 equilateral triangles to make a quadrilateral, a…

8 Jun

History - Comparing the city-states of Athens and Sparta

Today, we have been reading a variety of statements and deciding whether they referred to the Ancient Greek city-states of Athens or Sparta. We made a Venn diagram and looked at similarities and differences between the two places. After finding out about them, we were asked to decide which place…

6 Jun

Year 4 Greek afternoon

Year 4 have had a fabulous afternoon listening to a Greek expert from The Heritage Learning Service. The children could dress in Greek costumes to help become absorbed in the activities. They learnt about the Minotaur, Greek City States, tyranny, early democracy and Alexander the Great. The…