1 Feb

Year 4 DT

Year 4 have been making buildings with security lights. As part of our topic, Let’s Travel, we have thought about how we can keep our home safe when we go on a journey. The security lights are triggered when pressure is put on the doormat. The internal circuit is completed.
We had to design our…

23 Jan

Year 4 DT morning

This morning Mrs Atkinson, our subject leader for DT, came to teach in Year 4. The children discussed British dishes and where the ingredients came from. Next, they practised spreading, chopping, grating and cutting skills whilst making a cheese sandwich. We then made Welsh rarebit using bread,…

20 Jan

Year 4 Matchstick Perimeter

We have been learning all about perimeter. Today, we were finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes so we used a certain amount of matchsticks to make different shapes before working out the perimeter. 

19 Jan

Making circuits

We have been investigating how to make different circuits today. They included either a bulb, a buzzer or a motor. We then drew each circuit showing all the components used.

18 Jan

Year 4 Ludus Dance

Year 4 are enjoying a series of workshops led by Ludus Dance and More Music in Morecambe. We have learnt all about germs and how they affect our bodies.

18 Jan

Spying on the Romans!

We are learning about the Roman invasion when Claudius was emperor (43 AD). Today we pretended to be Celts spying on the Roman army who had invaded our country. We have to work quickly and accurately in teams to find out as much as we could about the invading army.  We drew pictures to help…

13 Jan

Electricity dance

Every Friday, Miss Helen is coming into school and working with Year 4 to teach them lots of new dance skills. She is incorporating the children’s knowledge of electricity and building on what they have learnt each week to create a dance routine. Today the children had to become a circuit, working…

12 Jan

Static electricity

As part of our topic on electricity, we have been learning about static electricity and seeing it in action. We rubbed a balloon on our hair to charge the balloon and make our hair stand on end. We also used the balloon to lift pieces of paper from the table and make them dance, our balloon…

10 Jan

Year 4 French lesson

In French today, Year 4 played a matching game using pictures and French vocabulary. You had to match the picture to the correct French word. The child with the most pairs was the winner. This was a fun way for us to learn the names of classroom objects in French. See if your child can tell you…

6 Jan

Introducing Electricity

We have started our ‘Let’s Travel!’ topic in class and within that we are going to be learning all about electricity, circuits and conductors and switches. Our first lesson this week was talking about all the components that make up a simple circuit. The children all managed to make the bulb light…

13 Dec

Hanukkah in Year 4

Year 4 have been learning about the Jewish festival of light, Hanukkah. During these celebrations, Jewish children often play a game using sweets and a spinner called a dreidel. This morning we have played this game using counters instead of sweets with winners moving up a table. It was a really…

2 Dec

The water cycle in a bag!

This week, we have been learning about how the water cycle works and we are going to be writing an explanation text to describe the process. We have used lots of new vocabulary such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation. We have drawn the water cycle on a food bag and put water in the…