Our first week in school

Everyone in Reception has had a busy week getting to know their new classroom, new teachers, new friends and new routines. We have had lots of fun!

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After listening to the story of "Oliver's vegetables" we washed potatoes and carrots in our water tray. We chopped the vegetables making wedges and vegetable soup. The red cabbage turned the soup purple!!!!! We liked the wedges best.

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We went out this morning after putting on waterproof trousers by ourselves. We threw lots of snowballs.

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Making new friends

We spent the afternoon playing games with reception class. We took turns and waited patiently for a go. Thank you for inviting us.

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Our pictures

We used 2d shapes to make fire engine pictures. Next Wednesday a real fire team and engine are coming to visit.

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Fire fighting

We used 2d shapes to make a fire engine. We then went for a ride in it!

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