Year 3


The class teacher in year three is Mrs Cross. She teaches everyday apart from a Monday afternoon when Mrs Joel takes over to cover PPA time.

Mrs Cocker is the fabulous T.A. who can sometimes be found in Year 3. 

In Year 3 we discover that 'learning is learnable', we start to think more carefully about our own strengths and areas to develop. We also start to take more responsibility for our own learning!



The ability to read, write, speak and listen are crucial life skills. Literacy, therefore, plays a key role in every class in the school.

In Year Three we are following the new 2014 National Curriculum. Genres include stories with familiar settings, information texts, letters, stories by the same author, instructions, non-chronological reports and a range of poetry.


Maths forms a crucial part of every child's education and is taught daily throughout the school.  

We use the new 2014 National Curriculum to teach maths in year three. Children continue to develop their sense of number and in particular place value. They make use of all four operations, developing rapid recall of facts as well as recording their workings systematically. The ability to name, group and describe shapes continues to be important as is an understanding of measures. Children learn to ask and answer their own questions and learn to present their findings in different ways.

Y3 Autumn curriculum letter

Y3 Autumn curriculum letter
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Y3 Spring curriculum letter

Y3 Spring curriculum letter
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Y3 Summer curriculum letter

Y3 Summer curriculum letter
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