Welcome to Reception

The teacher is Miss Armer and she is supported by 

Miss Flynn and Mrs Joel .

EYFS (Nursery and YR)

Reception Autumn Letter
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Phonics Information
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Here is the information that was shared at our recent Phonics evening for parents.

Topics for autumn term

Welcome to school!

In the autumn term we will work on the topic "All about me." We look at how we are the same and different. We look at photographs of when we were babies, toddlers and now. We will look at healthy eating and physical activity.

We will begin to count using objects and toys and start to record numbers.

In R.E we will look at how special we all are and hear about 'harvest'. Reception children will attend the harvest festival at church. All parents are welcome.

The first term in school is a very important time. We learn all the new routines as well as how to be more independent. By Christmas, most children in reception can write numbers to 10 and recognise most letters of the alphabet. Children begin to form letters writing lists, stories and cards.

Children will bring home letter shapes to practice with you and a reading book to share. You will get lots of information on how to help children form letters. We will hold a reading/writing/phonics session later in the term.

After half term  Reception and Nursery children will also be very busy rehearsing for the Christmas play. Look out for more details in the school newsletter which will give plenty of warning about dates and how to get tickets.


Each week we go to the computer suite.

We use the outside area of the classroom daily for exploring, building, mark-making and counting.      

 Exploring in the sand! We have wet weather gear for children to borrow or you can send in a pair of wellies.

We are always trying to improve the outdoor area. If you have any suggestions or can support us in another way please let us know.

Each child in reception has a buddy in year 5 that looks out for them and who can come to play with them at lunchtimes. Buddies will also come to the classroom to do an activity in the reception classroom each term.

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