Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

The class teacher is Mrs Boyle.

The class is supported throughout the week by Miss Flynn, Mrs Todd-Bryce, Mrs Cocker and parent volunteers at varying times.

Y1 Autumn curriculum letter

Y1 Autumn curriculum letter
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Y1 Spring curriculum letter

Y1 Spring curriculum letter
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Y1 Summer curriculum letter

Year 1 Summer curriculum letter
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In Year 1, the children will be expected to read daily even if it is 10 minutes!  Each day the children will bring home their reading books and will have at least one guided reading session a week. We will focus on a spelling pattern each week within class and the cursive handwriting style. Each child will bring the cursive formation to practise at home. We will also send out the C.E.W's list for Year 1 (these are words that you cannot sound out, you just have to know) for you to learn.

A few useful websites for Year 1:


We have a new topic each half term and we will send our topic plan home for you to see what we are learning.