1 Mar

Using Newton metres

Today we have started our topic on ‘Forces’. We discussed Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity and looked at Newton metres. We used Newton metres to find out the link between mass and weight.

8 Feb

How do switches work?

We have been looking at how switches work today and discussed the importance of switches to save electricity, save money and for safety reasons. We also looked at different types of switches before making our own. 

1 Feb

Static electricity

Today, we have made our hair stand on end by creating static electricity and learning the science behind it. We rubbed balloons on our jumpers and hovered them above our hair. Using the same method, we also tried to pick up small pieces of paper from the table and tried to attract our balloon to…

26 Jan

Electricity dance

Miss Helen is teaching us dances linked to our Science topic on electricity. We have thought of different movements to make an electrical circuit dance with a partner and incorporated switches, wires and different components into our sequence. 

19 Jan

Roman workshop

What fun we have had in Year 4 today. Marcus, a Roman soldier, visited and taught us all about the Roman Army. We had training to be a soldier and looked at lots of weapons and armour. We learnt lots of Latin words too. Have a look at the photos to see what we have been doing.

18 Jan

Household objects with magical powers

In a few weeks, we are going to write a fantasy story so today we looked at different household objects and discussed how they could be incorporated into our stories with magical powers. We had lots of ideas.

11 Jan

Simple circuits

We began our unit on ‘Electricity’ today. We discussed appliances that use either mains or battery powered electricity or both and then sorted them into a Venn diagram. We also looked at all the components that make up a simple circuit and used these to create a circuit with a bulb that lit up. 

9 Jan

Factor bugs

In Maths, Year 4 have been learning about factor pairs. We have made some colourful factor bugs to help us remember the pairs. These are on our Maths working wall so we can use them to solve more complicated multiplication calculations.

14 Dec

Year 3/4 Christmas Party 2023

Today was the Year 3&4 Christmas party and we had a great time. We played some old favourites like musical statues and pass the parcel.  We also played some new games like Hoops. “You can’t eat Johnny Smartie” was a favourite again!


12 Dec

Y4 Moving Pictures

During the last half term, Year 4 have been practising skills to make pictures move. Over the last two days, they have put these skills to good use making a Christmas themed pop up picture. 

7 Dec

Y4 Christmas Dodgeball Party

Today, Y4 had a brilliant time at the Dodgeball Christmas Party. Coach Wilcock taught us different tactics and teamwork. We listened to Christmas music whilst we played Christmas Tree Dodgeball, Santa’s Elves and Hide the Present. It was lots of fun and very festive. 

24 Nov

Invasion games

In PE, we have been practising different skills that are needed to play invasion games. We have been passing using bounce and chest passes, we have been dribbling and we have also been thinking of tactics to try to outwit the opposition. We divided the playground into sections today and had to…