21 Sep

Identifying solids that behave like liquids

Following on from last weeks lesson about solids and liquids, we have been looking at solids that often behave like liquids. They can be poured and take the shape of the container they are in. We were given the task of identifying each solid by using Easi-Scopes which magnify each particle onto…

15 Sep

Invasion game skills

Today, we have been practising skills to play an invasion game. We have been throwing and catching balls using a chest pass and a bounce pass. We had to think of the position of our hands and feet to be able to throw and catch effectively.

14 Sep

Introduction to solids, liquids and gases

We started our science topic on solids, liquids and gases today. We looked at lots of different solids and liquids and after pulling, squashing, swirling and pouring them we finally identified the properties of each of them. Finally,  as a class we pretended to be particles and acted like a…

6 Sep

Year 4 Literacy

In Literacy today, we were looking at contractions from our list of Non Negotiables. We re-capped where we needed to put an apostrophe to replace missing letters. We played a game where we had to find our partner to match up the cards. One had the full words, the other had the contraction. You…

13 Jul

Let’s go Year 3!

This afternoon, Year 3 were cheerleading with Mrs Winder. It was great!


30 Jun

Wheelchair basketball

We had a taster session of wheelchair basketball this afternoon which was great fun!


30 Jun

Wet Walk to Williamson Park

This morning, Year 3 walked to Williamson Park. It was very rainy but we persevered with the walk and made it. When we got there, we had a talk in The Butterfly House, learning about the rainforest habitat. We then got to handle a hissing cockroach, stroke a bearded dragon and have a skink sit on…

19 Jun


This afternoon, we were trying to work out how the pneumatics worked in a moving toy that Mr Manning showed us.

16 Jun

Dorrington Woods compared with a rainforest

This morning, we walked around Dorrington Wood so that we could compare it to the rainforests we will be learning about this half term. 

We looked around for things we didn’t think we’d see in a rainforest.


14 Jun


This afternoon, we went out into the playground to do some composing.


26 May

Fractions of amounts

We were finding fractions of amounts out on the playground this week. 

10 May

Tints and shades

Today, we were learning how to create tints and shades for our painting work. We then used them to recreate a painting by Georgia O’Keefe.