1 Mar

Using Newton metres

Today we have started our topic on ‘Forces’. We discussed Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity and looked at Newton metres. We used Newton metres to find out the link between mass and weight.

1 Mar

Safety detectives

Our scarf topic is “what is safe to go in our bodies?”

We have sorted things we might find at home into safe and unsafe. 

27 Feb

Y6 Explore Eucharist

This afternoon Y6 braved the rain to meet Rev. Rebecca at church. She gave us a very warm welcome and took us through the Eucharist order of service. She explained how and why Christians celebrate Eucharist and the significance of all the items involved. This has helped us to see more links…

23 Feb

Dragon dancing

This week we have celebrated Chinese New Year with our friends. As part of the day we  listened to different pieces of music. We chose our favourite and performed a dragon dance to it. We had to go up, down and around like the real dragon dancers.

22 Feb

Chinese New Year

Today we learnt all about Chinese New Year. We made our own dragon mask and then created a dragon dance. We also tried to use chopsticks and pick things up with them, it was tricky. 

20 Feb

Habitat dancing with Miss Helen

This morning, we were dancing like monkeys and moving like we were in the jungle. It was great fun. 

19 Feb

Dinosaur eggs!

We arrived today at school and found some dinosaur eggs. We found a note it said “we are lost, please help”. We are now searching for their owners. 

9 Feb

The Digestive System in Action

Today in Science we looked at the digestive system of a Human. Some of us had lots of fun. Some of us were horrified. Take a look at our faces. 

8 Feb

How do switches work?

We have been looking at how switches work today and discussed the importance of switches to save electricity, save money and for safety reasons. We also looked at different types of switches before making our own. 

7 Feb

Eco group check up on our trees

At lunchtime today, our KS2 Eco ambassadors ventured down to the school field with Miss Huddleston and Hilary (from the Friends of Dorrington Woods) to check up on the second batch of saplings which our Year 6 children planted in November. We made sure the tree guards were still in place and, most…

7 Feb

Police came to visit Reception.

This term our topic is superheroes. The police came in and we got to ask lots of questions about what they do and how they help us. We also got to dress up in police costumes. We had so much fun.

6 Feb

Y1 Gymnastic Sequences

Today we have enjoyed putting our skills that we have learnt, into our sequences on the big equipment.