Heroes & Villains.. Our Dance Unit!

In dance this term, we have been thinking about what it is that makes someone a hero- both fictional heroes and those in real life. During our warm ups, we have been striking superhero poses, responding to the music as we move and thinking of new and creative ways of making contact and moving…

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Lancaster Fire & Rescue Service- Safety Talk

Year 6 were very lucky to meet Kenny, who came by to see us this afternoon to teach us about keeping ourselves safe, especially with our transition to Secondary School in mind. We recapped fire safety from previous years and looked at various aspects of Road Safety, including for pedestrians,…

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Morse Code

Today in Computing we have been sending messages using Morse code. We wrote messages to a friend before using light from a torch to send messages. At the end of the lesson we tried using Morse Code Keyer online. It was really tricky.

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Circuit Repairs!

Click the links below to take you to the virtual circuit building labs!






‪Circuit Construction Kit: DC - Virtual Lab‬ (colorado.edu)


Here are the children having a go at being…

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What is the best helicopter design for dispersing seeds?

We have been investigating seeds dispersed by the wind. We made helicopters using paper and added a paper clip seed. We changed either the length or width of the propeller blades but made sure that everything else stayed the same. We made sure we repeated each test 3 times and then found the mean…

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A career in bread baking awaits

Look at our finished bread rolls. Hopefully they will taste as good as they look and smell. Well done to all our budding bakers. 

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Making bread using a basic recipe


Today we have been making bread rolls using a basic recipe. Now that we know the ingredients we need and how to combine them, we can use this to help us design our own bread next lesson. 

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Exploring outside areas

We are looking at different outside areas around school. This half term we are exploring the tree lined path. After Easter we will visit Dorrington Road woods and invite our parents to come along with us.

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Lunchtime Art Club

At lunchtime a group of Y6 children have volunteered to run an Art club for Y1 and Y2 children. Look out for photos of other things the children have made.

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Fruit Crumbles & Desserts

As an added extra this week, the children have been asked if they'd like to cook a crumble at home with their families using fruits, linking to our learning in DT. Despite it being an optional activity, it's great to see our children and families already eager to give this a go! Some children have…

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'Great British Dishes' Week 2: Eton Mess!

After learning about traditional British savoury dishes last week, we took a look at sweet dishes in our second DT lesson! When considering how healthy different desserts were, we learned about nutrition and RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) and how many shop-bought meals and puddings have lots of…

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Year 6 worked hard during their first lesson of iData where they were introduced to spreadsheets. The children learned how data is inputted into spreadsheets via cells and practiced navigating through spreadsheets, solving problems and cracking codes!

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