Showing off our culinary skills... Week 1- Cottage Pie!

For this term's DT unit 'Great British Dishes', we will be learning about and cooking a range of national dishes. During the weeks where we will not be cooking in school, the children are being asked to safely follow a recipe at home with their families and share the meal they produce…

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Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

Today in PSHE, Mrs Ventress set us the challenge to build a bridge which spans 30cm and could hold the weight of a toy car. Our aim was to use negotiation and compromise to work together efficiently to complete the task. Afterwards, not only did we test the bridges, but we evaluated our efforts at…

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A time for sharing...

Year 6 have really enjoyed our worship and assemblies so far this week!

On Monday we listened to some very talented children from different classes across the school perform pieces on the instruments they have been learning within school, and then on Tuesday we had the pleasure of listening and…

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Year 5 & 6's Christmas Party!

Wow, what fun we've had this afternoon!!!

Our joint Christmas Party was so well received and so well deserved after two whole years of waiting. The children (and teachers) thoroughly enjoyed new games such as 'Racing Through the Nativity' and 'Pass the Secret Stocking' alongside timeless…

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Caught up in Coordinates!

For the past week, Year 6 have been learning about plotting coordinates across all four quadrants. We worked out what our own coordinates would be if we imagined the class as a quadrant and then started each lesson practically. We started by throwing a ball around the room and recording the…

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Computing writing HTML for Webpages

Click this link to take you to the webpage builder:

Resource6.4.5a (


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Our Super Showcase!

Year 6 have worked so hard this term during our Bounce Forward lessons, run by Sharon from Lancashire Mind! For our final session, we explained our learning through a performance, using our new resilience training to memorise lines and speak, dance and sing in front of an audience!

We invited…

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Home Front Heroes!

In Year 6, we have watched the following links and discussed how WW1 affected life in Britain, in particular, via the Home Front. We then worked very heard to create webpages to display this information to help inform others! 


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Computing Links

With your parents, type in the URL of your favourite webpage and trace each 'hop' the data packet makes from router to router until it reaches the location of the webpage's webserver! Where in the world did the data packet travel from, through and to?!


Visual traceroute - Track and map the…

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Developing our Gymnastic Sequences!

In Gymnastics, Year 6 have been working on developing counter balances and counter tension balances with partners and experimenting with making them more challenging. They have done this by incorporating the use of apparatus, changing/reducing the number of body parts being balanced upon and…

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How's that Habitat?

In Science, we have been learning about plant and animal adaptations so they are better suited to live in their habitats. To start off, we matched and then learned as many facts as possible about a selection of habitats: grasslands, ocean, polar regions, arid deserts and rainforests. We worked in…

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Year 6 Science Links

Arctic Adaptations:

THE ARCTIC - wildlife, plants, people, Canada's northern communities (

adaptations of arctic plants - Bing images

adaptations of arctic animals - Bing images

Plant Adaptations For Kids - Plants Adaptations in Different Habitats…

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