Sponsored Sporting Event

22 March 2018

Today we all took part in a sponsored event with Steff Inglis, a Scottish Commonwealth Silver medallist in judo. She led us in doing lots of sets of exercises within our classes. (See individual class blogs for more photos.) During a special assembly she told us all about her life as a professional athlete and the amount of dedication and commitment she needed. She challenged us to have this positive attitude in our own lives. We thought she was very lucky to be able to travel all around the world to take part in different competitions and we all enjoyed getting to touch her silver medal!  

Steff also told us about how she had come back from a terrible, life threatening motorbike accident  after which she was in a coma for 6 weeks. This means she has now had to retire from judo. We all thought she was incredibly brave!  Her main message to us was to believe in yourself, learn from your mistakes and NEVER GIVE UP!


All in all it was a great day and we raised an amazing amount - £1725.60. Well done everyone!