Year 6 go to Lockerbie

9 September 2019

Year 6 arrived safely at Lockerbie Manor this afternoon for their residential week away, leaving the rain of Lancaster for the sunshine of Scotland!  We have a very packed timetable to look forward to and have already had 2 of our 19 activities.  The children have been excellent so far, settling in quickly and working brilliantly together as a team.  Here are some of the comments from their first day:

"This place is so very big - I'd love to play hide and seek." (Mimi)

"I was so thrilled when we pulled into the drive. Everyone was screaming with excitement. We were all looking forward to the activities." (Jacob)

" When I first walked into the Manor, I thought it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen." (Theo)

"When I found out who I was with in the dorm I was so excited. The dorms are so pretty and tidy." (Ellen)

"A big building, an awesome room, good activities and very muddy!" (Megan)

"When we got out of the coach I felt ecstatic because I'd been waiting all my school life for this and I knew it was going to be good." (Riley)

"My first activity was mountain biking and it was super fun. I got to go down loads of big hills." (Jamie)

"The low ropes were quite awesome because I did what I wouldn't normally do." (Courtney)

"The instructors are great - they are jolly and fun." (Oliver)