Teachers have been busy preparing home learning packs for the start of the summer term. The overview letters will be available electronically on the school website from the evening of Sunday 19th April (find under “Covid-19 information” – Home learning Summer term 1). We have also produced paper based packs, which include additional resources to accompany the letters. 
To enable you to pick these up, whilst facilitating social distancing rules, we will put them out at the school gates for collection over the first three days of term, arranged by surname. That way, as you take part in your daily walk, you can collect the packs for all your children on one journey. These will be available from 9.30am to 2.45pm as follows: 
Monday 20th April – surnames A to G inclusive
Tuesday 21st April – surnames H to N inclusive
Wednesday 22nd April – Surnames O to Z inclusive

If you have any difficulties with these arrangements, please ring the school office.

Please note:  Please do not return work from the completed packs you received previously.  As you may be aware the virus can live and be transferred on paper. Teachers however, may have specified  that some work (projects etc) be sent in via email, in which case we look forward to receiving these and putting them on class blogs.