Year 6 Lockerbie update

12 September 2018

The weather has really improved and we are really enjoying the activities on offer. Some of our favourite activities so far have been…..

“Mountain biking. We practised first then we went off-road. It was really fun.” (James)

“Blind trail, because you learn to work with other people.” (Jacob)

“Climbing because I challenged myself to go higher than I have ever been before.” (Jasmine)

“Raft-building because we had to be creative and all work as a team.” (Toby)

“Zip wire because it was really fun and you go really fast.” (Oliver)

“Survival because I liked it when we lit a fire and I didn’t know how to do it.” (Connor)

“Fencing because it’s something we don’t normally do and I was quite good at it.” (Jessica)