More fun at Lockerbie

13 September 2018

We have had another incredibly active and fun-packed day here at Lockerbie Manor!  During our activities today, which included kayaking, canoeing, archery, compass work and the challenging high ropes, the children have been looking out for examples of our worship values in each other.  These are some of the examples of what they said…

Kiana showed courage when she found a part of the high ropes hard but she still completed it.  (Jess)

Toby Adams has shown friendship because he looks after others and is super funny.  (Stas)

Usayeed/Lorenzo/Adigone showed courage/perseverance because they got straight back into their kayaks after falling out and getting wet! Emily/Lucy/Amellia/Abigail

Connor showed perseverance as he was struggling on the high ropes yet still carried on.  (Ribhu)

Benjamin has shown compassion as he always helps me when I’m stuck on an activity.  (Kiana)

When we were doing canoeing, I knew I wouldn’t fall in because I was with Stas and I had trust in him.  (James)

Katie and Ribhu showed co-operation as they worked well together all the time during an activity.  (Chloe)

Amellia said she was nervous on the high ropes but she still did it! She showed courage.  (Ava)