Yesterday, three of our Year 5 children along with Miss Goddard, one of our wonderful school governors, attended the Lancaster and Morecambe District Pupil Parliament.  The topic was "CODE RED - a time for change", and was all about the environment and climate change.  The children learnt about the impact of global warming on the world, but also discussed lots of ideas on how schools can make an important difference.  They had the chance to hear all about the Eden Project, Morecambe and the positive changes it will bring to our area.  Miss Goddard reported that the children represented out school brilliantly, came up with lots of ideas and were brave enough to speak and feedback ideas to the whole of the conference.

Already, our representatives have fed back to the new Eco Group at school and made some important changes here.  These include recycling our Karate Reading bands and putting up new posters across the school to encourage recycling and not littering (designed by Year 5 children).  Keep up the good work everyone.  Together we can make a difference in our school, community and world!