In English we have started a new unit all about the British polar explorer, Ernest Shackleton! One of the books we are using within the unit is William Grill's "Shackleton's Journey". With a title like that, it would be daft not to recap apostrophes for possession and omission and work hard to iron out those 'Greengrocer's Apostrophes' that have been known to creep into children's writing!

With our thinking partners, we played a game to help us apply our learning by randomly selecting two nouns and then writing ridiculous sentences using possessive apostrophes.

Did you know that "Ed Sheeran's piglet turned out to be a delicious snack" or that "Miss Parlane's spaghetti whipped her face with its flexible arms"?

We had great fun writing these sentences and it helped us later to understand where (and where NOT) to use apostrophes!


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