2 Feb

The Great Scotforth Bread Bake Off

Mrs Walsh came to judge our bread. She chose 3 winners. 
Chloe made a cat, Danny made a hedgehog and Sophie made a tortoise. 
Well done to our winners. 

2 Feb

Making our own bread

We used our plans to mix, knead, shape, bake and decorate our own bread. We worked sensibly and safely and our finished products were very impressive. 

18 Jan

Year 5 learn a basic bread recipe

Today in our DT lesson we found out which ingredients were needed to make white bread. Working in a small group we followed a recipe. Each person in the group had their own piece of dough to knead and shape. Our bread was baked this afternoon then we got to take it home to eat. 
Next lesson we…

12 Jan

Year 5 evaluate existing bread products

Today in Year 5 we looked at different kinds of bread and compared them. This was lesson 1 in our new DT topic. We used our sense of sight, touch, smell and best of all TASTE!! The evaluation of existing products is step one of the design process. Next week we will move on to look at baking basic…

2 Feb

The Great Scotforth Bread Bake Off

Today we finished off our bread by decorating it using icing, chocolate and sweets. Our bread had to look like our designs when it was finished. Mrs Walsh and Mrs Cocker were the judges. It was their job to choose winners for 3 categories.

Congratulations to our winners 

Monty, Gigi, Izzy…

1 Feb

Bread making using our own designs

Today we made our own bread using our designs. The basic recipe was the same but some of us chose whole meal or 50:50 rather than white bread. We chose whether to add extra ingredients to the mixture before leaving it to rise. The bread was then cooked. 

Tomorrow we will be decorating our…

23 Jan

Year 4 DT morning

This morning Mrs Atkinson, our subject leader for DT, came to teach in Year 4. The children discussed British dishes and where the ingredients came from. Next, they practised spreading, chopping, grating and cutting skills whilst making a cheese sandwich. We then made Welsh rarebit using bread,…

20 Jan

Cheese Scones

Today we have made cheese scones in Year 5. The DT skills we were focusing on were mixing, rubbing in and grating. We compared the making process with our bread from last week and found the similarities and differences. 

13 Jan

Bread making 1

Today we have been learning how to make white bread in class. We weighed out the correct ingredients, mixed them together and then kneaded our dough, before making a shape. The bread was left to prove and then cooked. 
This lesson was a chance to learn the basics of bread making. Next lesson we…

18 Oct

Sandwich making

Today, we started making our sandwiches. We have tried to create a balanced, healthy sandwich and we have tried to make them look fun and interesting for younger children.


23 Sep

Bread testing

This afternoon, we were testing different bread options for sandwiches. White bread was the resounding favourite!


13 Mar

The start of Lent

What better way to start lent than with a pancake.new had a look in the shopping bag to see what ingredients we will need. We talked about where each came from and already knew that eggs came from hens and milk from cows. We were a bit unsure about where flour came from. We sang our rhyme, “Mix a…