6 Jun

Athens or Sparta? Which city-state would you prefer to live in?

We have been discussing the pros and cons for living in the Greek city-states of Athens or Sparta. We sorted a variety of statements into hoops to make a Venn diagram and decided which city-state we would have preferred to live in.

17 May

Angles outdoors

We have been learning about angles outdoors today. We looked at angles around us and then made angles with our bodies. Using sticks, we made pictures and named the angles correctly using the words acute, obtuse and right angles.

10 May

The Mayor’s Ceremony

Today, Y4 walked to the Ashton Hall in Lancaster to see the new Mayor, Abi Mills, being elected. It was a privilege to be invited and we were asked to sing during the ceremony too. We sang beautifully and were given lots of compliments by the people there. 

3 May

Decimal decision game

We have played a decimal decision game today. We used our knowledge of place value when using decimals to decide where to put our chosen digit to make the largest number, smallest number or have an odd/even number in the tenths/hundredths column. 

2 May

Y4 Crown Green Bowling

It’s been a hot afternoon practising our crown green bowling skills today. Coach Dan taught us how to hold the bowl and how to use the weight to make our bowl travel in the right direction. We certainly improved as the afternoon went on.

19 Apr

Tenths on a number line

Today, we have been learning about tenths on a number line in maths. Rulers show this really well. We have used rulers to measure lines and write the lengths in decimals. Each millimetre is a tenth of a centimetre. We drew pictures with our rulers using lengths written in decimals.

18 Apr

Tasting Greek food

This afternoon, we had the opportunity to taste some Greek food. Even if we had never tried it before, some of us were brave enough to have a go….and actually quite liked it! We were very proud of ourselves for trying (and so was Mrs Mayor). We tasted Greek yoghurt, feta cheese, pitta bread,…

18 Apr

Greek Workshop

What a fun morning we have had today! We had a visit from Professor Tuesday who taught us all about the different periods of history in Ancient Greece. We made a human timeline and acted out each period. We also learnt about the different city-states and how they were ruled. We were then given a…

28 Mar

Y3/4 Spirituality morning

This morning in Y3 & 4 we explored the theme of “treasures. At the beginning we came up with lots of ideas linked to treasure like gold, jewels and pirates! We then did three different activities to explore the treasures we have in our lives.  We thought about different places that are special to…

22 Mar

Investigating water and air resistance

What a lot of investigating we have been doing in science this week! Our experiments were linked to water and air resistance. We made different shapes out of play dough and dropped them in water to see which travelled faster. The sausage shape created less water resistance and was the fastest…

15 Mar

Fun playing cricket

Today Coach Lauren came into school to teach us skills linked to cricket. We had lots of fun aiming at the wickets and practising bowling.

14 Mar

Which surfaces create more friction?

We have been investigating which surfaces create more friction by pulling a bag across a variety of surfaces and measuring the amount of force needed to pull it.