15 Jul

Sports Day Fun

We had lots of races and fun!


13 Jul

Daniel in the Lions' Den

In RE today we learned about the story of Daniel in the Lions' den. We had great fun acting out the story afterwards.

9 Jul

Addition using number tracks

We played a game where we scored points for each bean bag we managed to throw into a hoop. We used number tracks to help us work out who scored the most points.


30 Jun

North West Ambulance Service Visit

A huge thank you to Mr Brighouse for arranging a visit from North West ambulance. He  explained to Reception when and how to phone for an ambulance and told us about some of the life saving equipment on board.


26 Mar

Egg Rolling

We rolled our eggs down the ramp with the help of the wonderful Miss Arnold.


11 Mar

Celebrating World Book Day

We shared lots of books  in class today and talked to each other about the characters we were dressed as.


16 Dec

Our Christmas Party

We had a brilliant day! We made party hats in the morning and enjoyed party games and food in the afternoon. It was all topped off with a visit from Santa.

2 Sep

Welcome to Scotforth Class of 2020

First Day



17 Jul

New Starters

4 Mar

Nursery dressed up for World book day!

The whole school dressed up for World Book day today. We looked at lots of books, joined in with a quiz in the hall with the rest of the school and enjoyed a book themed lunch. Friends from year 3 came to read with us and they took us on a book hunt around school!



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2 Mar

Nursery and Reception Stay and Play

We had a lovely time this afternoon reading and playing reading games with our parents, aunties and grandparents.



5 Feb

Nursery learnt how to recycle our rubbish with a visit from the bin wagon and the recycling team at Lancaster city council

Today nursery had an exciting visit from a recycling team who helped us sort rubbish out into the correct green bins. We had a close look at the big recycling truck and the bin men showed us how they put the rubbish from our green boxes into a wheelie bin, then they showed us how the truck crushed…