7 Feb

Diana from NISCU Visits Year 1!

We were so lucky to have Diana from NISCU come and visit our class today!

She taught us three stories from the Bible- Jesus heals the paralysed man, Jesus Walks on Water, and Jesus' resurrection- and looked at how all these stories show how and why Jesus was, and still is, special. We then…

30 Jan

The Stilling of the Storm!

Today we heard the Bible story where Jesus stilled the storm and saved his friends from drowning! We learned how this amazing act shows Jesus' power and miraculous abilities. We acted out the story in groups and recorded how we would have felt during the storm whilst Jesus was sleeping and after…

19 Jan

People Who Help Us- Firefighters

We enjoyed listening to the Firemen from Lancaster about their job and how they help people. We asked some great questions e.g where do you get the water from ? We learnt lots of new facts. 

19 Jan

People Who Help Us

Thank you to Mrs Kornas who came to talk to us today about how she helps people in her job. We had just excellent questions to ask her! 

18 Jan

Y1 Making Bread like Little Red Hen

We have been reading the story of Little Red Hen in our English. We discussed where the ingredients come from and we had a go at making our own bread. We looked at the skills of sifting, mixing and kneading. 

17 Jan

If Winter’s your favourite season, clap your hands!

Today, whilst learning about the weather patterns across the four seasons, the most amazing thing happened... it started to SNOW! Of course, we made the most of this wintery treat by heading outside and investigating the weather and temperature! 
We checked the thermometer which told us it was a…

10 Jan

Making teen numbers!

We used different resources to make the teen numbers by looking at the ten and ones. 

6 Jan

Year 1 Dance

We enjoyed our 1st dance session with Miss Helen on our ‘ Superheroes’ topic. We enjoyed creating the different characters.

15 Dec


We have been looking at different types of houses. We also spoke about houses from the past and looked to see how houses have changed.

14 Dec

Christmas Party

We had a fantastic time at our Christmas party! Lots of singing, dancing and playing lots of games.

7 Dec

Transparent or not?

We continued to experiment with different materials to look at their properties. We predicted if they were transparent or not. Then we tested to see if they were correct or not.

2 Dec

Scot4all Christmas Decorations

We enjoyed making our Christmas decorations with Scot4All.