14 Jun

Painting our Clay Flowers

We enjoyed painting our clay flowers today. 

26 May

Y1/2 Intra School Sports

Today we enjoyed competing in our team colours to win the Intra Sport's trophy.

25 May

Y1 Clay Flowers

We investigated how other artists used clay to produce a piece of art. We moulded it into the shapes that we wanted using our hands and tools. We are excited to paint them next ! 

24 May

Y1 Printing Tiles

We have enjoyed looking at the designer Orla Kiely and have made our own printing tiles in the same style. We have produced some super designs. 

16 May

Y1 Authors! -sharing the stories they had written

We had written our own version of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ for example ‘The Mega Carrot’. We read them to our buddies. The Year 6’s also read ‘ The Enormous Turnip’ to us but in French !!

5 May

Coronation Party

We were getting ready for our Coronation afternoon with some decorations! 

5 May

Our Plants so far!

Our plants have started growing! We are super excited to take them home soon. 

27 Apr

Performing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk

We retold the story of Jack and the Beanstalk by taking the different characters and changing our voices. We discussed the characters, setting and the events. 

26 Apr

Planting in Year 1

We have planted our Sunflower seeds this week. We discussed what plants need. We also labelled the features of a flower and spoke about the jobs they have. 

26 Apr

Cricket Day

We enjoyed our Cricket Taster Day with Lauren today. We learnt to hit the ball into a space and to throw the ball underarm. 

30 Mar

Y1 Egg Rolling

We enjoyed our annual egg rolling competition today. 

27 Mar

Pet Tortoise Comes for a Visit !

We really enjoyed Mabel’s pet tortoise coming for a visit today. We learnt lots of interesting facts about what he eats, how you look after him and that he has just been hibernating over the winter months. 
We didn’t realise how fast he could move either!