29 Nov

Dragon hunting and prepositions

This afternoon, Year 2 went dragon hunting around the school. We found quite a few and we’re using prepositions to describe where we found them.

under the cone

behind the book shelf

amongst the books

3 Nov

Colour mixing and firework art

This afternoon, we were mixing primary colours to make the secondary colours. We then used all the colours to make firework art.


18 Oct

1666 architecture drawing

Today, we have been looking at buildings from 1666 and using our observation skills to make detailed drawings of them for a 3D diorama.


21 Sep

Place Value investigation

This morning, Year 2 were investigating how many numbers they could make with only six pieces of Base 10. It was a challenge to find all of them!


11 Sep

Resilience challenge

This afternoon, Year 2 were challenged to make a free standing structure with art straws and nothing else. They had to be resilient and not give up if they fell down. I was very impressed.

19 Jul

Y1 Yogi

We had a lovely, relaxing and peaceful Yogi experience today. Just what we all needed coming to the end of term. Thank you 

18 Jul

DT -playgrounds

We enjoyed looking at the shapes we needed to use to help make our structures stronger. We designed our structures and discussed how we can join the models to make them move. 

14 Jul

Cheerleading in Y1

Thank you to Bay Stormers who came in and gave us a taster session on cheerleading.


19 Jun

Investigating Structure Strength

We spoke about which shape structures should be to be strong. They worked as a team to make a large 3D structure. 


16 Jun

Retelling Australian Traditional Tales

We enjoyed retelling the story and performing using stick puppets.