Wassily Kandinsky

This afternoon, we were learning about the abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky as part of our ‘pattern and colour’ Art unit. We tried to recreate a piece of his artwork - Squares with Concentric Circles.

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Dorrington Wood Walk

This afternoon, Year 3 went for a walk around Dorrington Wood so that we will be able to compare it to the rainforests we are learning about this half term. Unfortunately, as soon as we got there it began raining! When we got back to school (after we dried off) we learnt that rainforests were very…

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How much fat is in McDonalds’.

This morning, Year 3 were using McDonalds’ nutrition calculator to find out how much fat is in our favourite food choices at McDonalds. We were surprised by some of the results. We didn’t expect there to be the same amount of fat in a chicken salad as there was in a…

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Computer Networks

This afternoon, Year 3 were learning how computer networks work. In groups, we acted out how a network switch sends messages to devices on its network. 

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Year 3 Science - Exploring what soil is made of

This afternoon, Year 3 were finding out what was in soil. We filled a bottle with a soil sample and water and shook it. We then made observations of what we could see. We will check again next week to see if it has changed.


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Eva Rothschild clay work

This afternoon, we have been using clay to make more Eva Rothschild sculptures.



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Y3 and Y4 Intrasports competition

This morning, Year 3 and 4 had a dodgeball competition. Everyone played fantastically but Ashton Green won.



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Year 3 Dodgeball

This afternoon, Year 3 had a dodgeball coach come in to teach us how to play dodgeball. We then had a mini competition.



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Sculpture work

This afternoon we have been making sculptures in the style of the modern artist Eva Rothschild. We have used art straws to make minimalist sculptures.


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Shadow size investigation

Today in Year 3, we have been investigating what happens to a shadow when the light source moves further away.

The children worked in small groups using torches to cast shadows and rulers to measure the heights of the shadows.

We found out that when the light moves further away the shadow…

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DT making moving monsters

Today in Year 3, we have begun making our moving monster toys.

We will be using pneumatic systems to make our monsters move.

Come back soon to see our finished monsters.


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Year 3 light source search

This afternoon, Year 3 were searching for light sources around school. We looked in our classroom, the creative room, the hall and the computer suite. We found out the computer suite had the most light sources despite it being the smallest room we searched. We made tallies of the light sources and…

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