A sneak preview !!!

This week we have started to make our pieces for the art exhibition. Our chosen commonwealth country is Nigeria. Today we made jewellery using the colours of the Nigerian flag. You are welcome to come into school on the 9th of June to see art work from across the school and celebrate the platinum…

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The Water Cycle in a bag

The window in our classroom is decorated with food bags! We have drawn the water cycle on the bags and are looking at them daily to see the different processes of evaporation, condensation and precipitation happening. 

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Identifying trees/plants in the school garden

We followed the map to identify the different plants we have growing in our beautiful school garden. 
We found a Mint plant, Rosemary, Hyacinth and a blossom tree to name just a few. 

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North, South, East, West!

We used compasses to direct our partners around the playground. We directed them using the language north, south, east and west. We enjoyed making up silly rhymes to remember the compass points. Naughty, Silly, Earth, Worm was one of our favourites and Naughty, Elephants, Squirt, Water.

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Learning about Fair Trade

Year 6 concluded their work on trade by learning about Fair Trade. We were shocked to find out that if a banana were to cost 30p for us to buy in the supermarket, banana plantation workers would only receive 1p. We thought they deserved more than this after finding out about how hard their job is.…

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Year 4 rivers lesson

Year 4 have been having fun making models of rivers with Miss Flynn in their Geography lesson.

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Garden time 4-3

Today we have been finding natural objects with different characteristics. Some were smooth, some bumpy, some long, some short.

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Investigating world trade

In Year 6, we are finding out about trade at local, national and international level. We have begun to investigate where the items we buy are actually sourced or manufactured, and have been quite surprised to discover how far some of the products have travelled. We used Digimaps to measure the…

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Garden Time 25-2-22

We went into the garden to look for signs of growth now that Spring is on its way.

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Dorrington Wood Walk

This afternoon, Year 3 went for a walk around Dorrington Wood so that we will be able to compare it to the rainforests we are learning about this half term. Unfortunately, as soon as we got there it began raining! When we got back to school (after we dried off) we learnt that rainforests were very…

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Year 1 Science- Animal Hunt

To start our new topic, we went to discover the animals we found in our school garden. We found out that the smaller animals (insects) like damp, dark places like under the logs and rocks. We found some woodlice, a ladybird, a snail and a slug! 

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Rio de Janeiro Information

Use these links to find information about the physical and human Geography of Rio de Janeiro:

Living in Rio | Key Stage 2 | Geography in the News

Rio de Janeiro - Kids | Britannica Kids | Homework Help

rio de janeiro top sights - Search (bing.com)

Rio de Janeiro Facts, Worksheets,…

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