Trip to Castle and Maritime Museum

Today we had a jampacked, exciting and busy day of learning at Lancaster Castle and the Maritime Museum.  We  listened to stories about the castle's history (some of them a bit gory!), visited the Roman remains, became archaeological detectives, enjoyed Viking legends, dressed up as Norse…

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A living Lancaster timeline

Year 6 braved the wind this morning when we ventured down to the field for our history lesson. We wanted to create a timeline showing the development of the city of Lancaster, from its Roman origins to the twentieth century.  Our timeline was far too long to fit into the classroom, but we had…

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Roman Day - spying on towns, the end of an empire and... food!

After learning about Boudicca, we became Celtic spies investigating Roman towns. We had to search for clues about what would be in the towns and report back to our groups. We were even allowed to ’spy’ on other groups! We then had to draw and label a picture map to show the different features of…

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Year 4 Roman Day - Investigating Boudicca

Today Year 4 was invaded by the Romans! We had Roman legionaries, centurions, governors and even Emperors! Not only that, but we were honoured to be visited by some Roman gods such as Poseidon.

We learnt more about the Celts and their rebellion under Boudicca. She was a very brave and…

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Scotforth is invaded by Anglo-Saxons...

Today we welcomed Meldred the Anglo-Saxon to our school to tell us all about life in Anglo-Saxon England. She told us the ancient story of Beowulf and all about Alfred the Great.  We also learnt about settlements and created our own villages named after their leaders: Anyaport, Frankfort,…

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Dear Celtic Leader... Our Reports About the Roman Army

In history we have been learning about the Roman invasion and the strength of their army.  Today we wrote reports as if we were Celtic spies giving evidence about the strength of the Roman army.  We had lots of information to pass on and didn't think our Celtic army had much chance against the…

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Anglo-Saxon Religion

We have been learning about religion in Britain during Anglo-Saxon times.

First of all we learnt about different gods from the Anglo-Saxon pagan beliefs. We then acted out the story of how Christianity came to Britain from missionaries from both Ireland and Rome.

We found out that it was a…

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Spying on the Romans!

In Year 4 we have been learning about the Roman invasion of Britain in 43AD. We worked in groups of “Celts” to “spy”on the Roman army and report back to our fellow Celts. We looked at their armour and also the way they trained and practised battle manoeuvres. They looked pretty…

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Rocket Role Play

After learning about Neil Armstrong in History, the children made a rocket in the role play. Some children were in the NASA Space Station giving the rocket instructions and the others were ready to launch. The children counted down and blasted off to the moon. They used the moon buggy around the…

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Our local walk to explore different houses

We spotted lots of different houses on our walk e.g detached, bungalows, semi-detached and flats. We spotted Lancaster Castle and explored our local church, St Paul’s. We spotted the date 1925 on the Parish Hall opposite the church.

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Call my Bluff (Maya Style!)

In our history this half-term, we have been learning about the amazing Maya civilisation and this week we have been investigating primary sources and artefacts. Today we tried to trick our classmates in a game of Call My Bluff! Each group was given an artefact to investigate and had to write…

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Maya coil pots

We have designed our own Maya pots using pictures, hieroglyphs and colours from the period. 
Yesterday Miss Huddleston came to teach us how to make the pots from clay. We used coils to create the sides and slip to join the coils together. When the pots are dry we will add our designs. We had a…

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