13 May

Printing Blocks

We have enjoyed making our printing blocks in the style of Orla Kiely.

26 Apr

Y3 Cave Paintings

We are continuing our history topic, investigating the Stone Age, and this week made some pictures of cave art using ink washes to create the cave walls and charcoal/pastels with our own stencils to show the animals. We are really pleased with the results!


26 Apr

Busy morning in Y3!

This morning we did some cave art (see other blog), some spelling practice, some history (investigating the work of archaeologists) and even some practical maths measuring mass. And that was all before break time! Phew! Well done Year 3!


18 Apr

Year 3 Cave Art

We are continuing finding out about the Stone Age in our art lessons! Today we read the book First Drawing and imagined how it would be to live in the Stone Age and only have cave walls and charcoal to draw with. We use real charcoal to try to recreate some of the Stone Age animals that were drawn…

17 Apr

Year 4 Art

Year 4 have started a new Art topic comparing two artists, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Karla Gerard. We have learnt about their two different styles of work. We have practised our drawing skills creating houses and have learnt how to draw them as though they are 3D.

26 Mar

Viking Longships

We explored the different features of a Viking longship before creating our own using paper and straws.

22 Mar

Making sculptures inspired by Eva Rothschild

We have been learning about famous sculptors and this week we are focusing on Eva Rothschild.  We designed sculptures inspired by her art works and then made our own using straws. We learnt how to attach straws together using pipe cleaners. We added pops of colour using stickers and coloured…

19 Mar

Year 4 Artwork

Year 4 have been studying the work of the Spanish artist and architect Antoni Gaudi. We have looked at examples of his work from Barcelona and have completed line drawings in his fluid style. Gaudi works in a trencardis style where he uses broken ceramic tiles to make his sculptures. We have made…

15 Mar

Our sculptures inspired by Barbara Hepworth

In art we have been learning about the artist Barbara Hepworth and how she made abstract sculptures to show her love of nature. We designed our own sculptures based on her piece The Family of Man and tried to use some of her style e.g. holes and lines. We even named our sculptures things such as…

13 Mar

Having fun printing in Year 3

Over the last few weeks we have been designing and making different types of prints. We have used polystyrene blocks to make prints inspired by the death mask of Tutankhamun. We also made block prints (using draught excluder tape!) in the style of hieroglyphics. We are really proud of our…

8 Mar

Year 6 make Mother’s Day promises

Year 6 designed and made bouquets of flowers out of card to give to their mums on Mother’s Day, linked to our worship theme of compassion. They wrote a promise on the stem of each flower, such as, “I will make you a cup of tea,” or “I will empty the dishwasher.” Hopefully our mums will enjoy…

1 Mar

Polka dots

This afternoon, we were creating polka dots using different art mediums. We used oil pastels, paint, felt tips and pencil crayons. We used the stippling technique and circling to create the dots.