Dissection of a flower

In Science we dissected Oriental Lilies and Alstroemeria flowers to find all the parts of the flower we had learned about in our pollination and fertilisation lessons. We were amazed at how small some of the parts actually were. 

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Mad Science Assembly

We found out about sound waves and how they travel today in our Mad Science Assembly. It was fun, exciting and at times hot, hot, hot. After Christmas we are hoping to run a Mad Science Club in school on a Friday. Look out for the flyer for this if your child is interested. 

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Year 1 Science - Property Testing

We have continued being scientists by exploring ‘Materials’ and testing the properties of them. 

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Planet Protectors!

This week in Year 1's RE lesson, we looked at God's creation and how it is being spoiled by the actions of people. We talked about how we have choices to make everyday, some of which help the world and others that actually harm it.

The children set to work and cleared 'the beach' of litter,…

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Circuit Repairs!

This week in Science, Year 6 explored faults in circuits and how to repair them!

The children started the session by working together in teams to create human circuits, that would only allow the electrons (tennis balls) to flow when they were fully connected (feet to feet!). As we became more…

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Dissolving and filtering solids

In science, we have been investigating the question ‘Which solids dissolve in water?’ We mixed a variety of solids with water to find out, then we tried to retrieve the original solid by filtering them using a funnel and filter paper and recorded the results. We used different scientific…

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Pizza time

Today, we were eating pizza! We had to decide which nutrients were in each slice first though.


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BUZZING with Excitement for our Circuits Unit!

Year 6 explored the exciting world of Electrical Circuits this week and refreshed their learning and knowledge from Year 4 before moving onto understanding, building from, and drawing circuit diagrams using symbols for a range of components.

Year 6's top tips for drawing circuit diagrams:


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Where is the best place to dry our washing?

Today, we have been learning about evaporation. Lots of different materials could be seen hanging around school because Y4 were trying to find out where the best place was to dry our washing. We had a discussion about the most suitable conditions to dry clothes and decided that it needed to be…

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Y1 Materials

We have enjoyed exploring toys and objects. We also matched the name of the material to that object. 

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Does gas weigh anything?

Today we were investigating whether gas weighs anything. We had a selection of fizzy drinks and we weighed them. Then we shook them to make them go flat and released the gas out of them, which is called carbon dioxide. We weighed them again to see if they were lighter and they were, which proved…

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Dancing Raisins

We have been discussing what makes drinks fizzy and learnt that a gas called carbon dioxide is added to drinks. A man called Joseph Priestley invented the carbonation process to create fizzy drinks. We put raisins into a glass of lemonade and watched them dance. Bubbles of carbon dioxide…

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